Jobs for Certified Professionals in the Pet Industry Can Be Quite Lurcrative

Dog owners receive a lot of benefits from having a pet in their home. They receive loyalty, companionship and fun. However, they also have responsibilities. Everyone who owns a dog must do a few things to ensure their pet has a healthy and fulfilling life. Keeping a dog happy requires more than providing it with food and taking it for walks every day. When families bring a puppy into their home, they have to either train it themselves or hire a trainer to teach their pet discipline. They also need to have their pet groomed on a regular basis.

More and more people are realizing the healing powers of pet ownership and this has led to an increase in demand for professionals who have the skills to help pet owners give their dogs the best lives. People who invest in pet groomer school can earn a stable income while being able to spend their day making pets look their best. Groomers clean dogs, brush their fun and trim their nails. Although dogs sometimes don’t look forward to going to the vet, they are often happy to see their groomer. Dog owners value a good groomer and will reward them with tips or even pay higher rates when they are pleased with the service they receive.

Another option for people who enjoy spending time helping other people care for their pets is to be a dog trainer. In dog trainer school, students learn the skills they need to teach puppies discipline so their owners feel comfortable leaving them alone as well as taking them to the dog park. An undisciplined dog can put a lot of stress on a family and distressed pet owners are willing to pay trainers a substantial fee to teach their dogs to behave.

Certified groomers and trainers might work for companies or for themselves. Regardless of whether they plan to own their own business, many begin by working for someone else to get experience and references. These jobs offer a competitive salary and skilled groomers typically earn a substantial portion of their income in tips from satisfied dog owners.


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